Science in Project Management


With FordBridge’s Master in Project Management, you can bolster your competency in inefficient business practices. This project management degree program incorporates research-based strategies with business fundamentals to nurture your skills in traditional and agile project management.

In this Master's in project management degree program, you learn the core functions of a project manager and apply research-based concepts to improve your effectiveness. You use your interpersonal skills to address each business function and discuss innovative methods to minimize processes and enhance productivity. If you choose to pursue FBU’s Master in Project Management, you have access to intense academic training to help you prepare for the competitive expertise.

Executive Master of Science in Project Management

The project management degree offers you advanced skills and prepares you to pursue a career as a project analyst, project manager, executive, director of operations, manager or another business leader. Typical workplaces include business entities, service organizations, engineering, and IT firms, design organizations and government agencies.

What You Will Learn?

The Master in project management accelerates your learning through multiple course topics and objectives:

Managerial concepts and strategies relating to the management of operations in both manufacturing and service environments.

Traditional project management as delineated in the PMBOK® Guide.

Microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts relevant to contemporary business.

Quantitative tools and techniques used to model business functions and applications.

Current services marketing concepts, principles, and theories.

Definition, formulation, and execution of strategy within organizations.

Career Outcomes

The programs offered at FordBridge may vary by content and course length. For information about specific course content, credit length, please contact a counselor.

UNV-504: Introduction to Graduate Studies in the College of Business Total Credits: 2 credits.

MGT-605: Leadership and Organizations Total Credits: 4 credits.

ACC-502: Accounting Practices Total Credits: 4 credits.

FIN-504: Finance Principles Total Credits: 4 credits.

SYM-506: Applied Business Probability and Statistics Total Credits: 4 credits.

ECN-601: Economics Total Credits: 4 credits.

BUS-660: Quantitative Methods Total Credits: 4 credits.

MKT-607: Marketing Management Total Credits: 4 credits.

ACC-650: Managerial Accounting Total Credits: 4 credits.

MGT-655: Operations Management Total Credits: 4 credits.

FIN-650: Managerial Finance Total Credits: 4 credits.

MGT-660: Strategic Management Total Credits: 4 credits.

MGT-640: Fundamentals of Project Management Total Credits: 4 credits.

MGT-641: Agile Project Management Total Credits: 4 credits.

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