Graduate and Alumni (Visiting Undergraduate) Discounts

The Graduate Discount Scheme is available to alumni who have graduated with an undergraduate degree from the University, and the Alumni (Visiting Undergraduate) Discount Scheme is available to students who have previously matriculated on a "Visiting Program" as a non-graduating undergraduate student and completed a minimum of one semester of study at the University.

Further information on both schemes, including application details, can be found on this site. These discounts apply to both home and overseas students and apply to the self-funding element of the postgraduate tuition fee.

For further information on fee status, tuition fee levels and Discount Schemes, please contact the Fees and Student Support Team.

Fees and Student Support Team.

Under the Assessment Regulations for Research, Degree's examiners can make a recommendation that a student must make minor corrections to their thesis within a specified period, up to 12 months before the degree can be awarded. Students are required to pay a matriculation fee in these circumstances. If examiners recommend that a thesis requires substantial revision and a further oral examination, students are required to pay a matriculation fee and a resubmission fee.

Self-financing students registered on standard taught and research masters programs, who then progress immediately to Year 2 of standard Master of Philosophy and Doctorate research programs will be offered a discount in the year that they transfer to the Ph.D. This discount is offered to ensure that, over the full period of their doctoral registration, these students are charged the same amount as a student who registered for a Ph.D. in the previous session. This fee discount is only offered to self-financing students, who have not received a Masters Bursary from the University during their original taught/research masters program. Please contact the Fees and Student Support Team for further information.