Business Partners

There has never been a better time to do business with FBU, educate your workforce, or hire graduates.

Business Partners: Join Forces with FBU

Build your company's competitive advantage by partnering with FordBridge University to offer continuing education and training for your employees. Hire FBU students and alumni to fill your talent gap. Or expand your company's business by becoming an FBU vendor. No matter your need, an FBU has you covered.

Our goal is to ensure your education solutions fit your company's strategic objectives. Whether you want to empower your employees to complete a degree or to gain the necessary skills for advancement in your organization, we can help.

FBU collaborates with senior leadership from a variety of organizations across many different industries to provide customized education solutions. We have experience working with government and private sector companies in a vast array of fields, including aerospace, cybersecurity, defense, technology, telecommunications, healthcare, and retail.

If you're looking to hire qualified, highly skilled individuals for openings within your organization, you've come to the right place. FBU students and alumni come prepared with the skills and talent you need to help your company succeed.

FBU prepares our graduates for success in the workplace. Here are just a few ways that our graduates stand out.

Ready to lead: We prepare our graduates with the soft skills necessary to be most effective in the workplace by teaching leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and communication.

Prepared for challenges: FBU's curriculum is designed with input from leading companies and focuses on applicable skills and knowledge for today's professional environments.

Motivated for success: While pursuing higher education, many FBU students balance full-time jobs and family life. This dedication to self-improvement and learning attests to their drive for career success.

Elevate Your Workforce

We focus on improving your business outcomes. Our consultants will work cooperatively with your organization to design a workforce development plan by developing pipelines of qualified employees and planning for succession.

Your organization's competitive standing is sure to advance when you strengthen your staff with proven and effective training and continuing education at FBU. FBU offers degree and certificate programs, as well as corporate and leadership training. Our career-focused programs can help you identify emerging leaders, plan for succession, encourage innovation, improve employee productivity and effectiveness, and retain crucial employees.

We're proud of our extensive alliances with corporations and businesses around the nation and the world, and we look forward to helping you transform your organization. FordBridge's Corporate Learning Solutions can enrich your organization's existing workforce development curriculum and cultivate organizational excellence.

By partnering with us to offer to continue, career-focused education, you can identify emerging leaders and aid in succession planning, improve employee productivity, retain crucial employees, and increase your organization's value and reputation.

Interested in doing business with FBU? If you are a prospective vendor, FBU provides all of the information you need to get started. And it’s never been easier. Access our step-by-step FBU Procurement Guide, Electronic Bid Board for solicitations greater than $100,000, and more by visiting procurement.