Executive Doctoral Program

Executive Doctoral Program Admission Requirements

FBU proudly welcomes doctoral applicants wanting to pursue higher levels of achievement in learning and research. You may be accepted by meeting one of the criteria given here.FBU proudly welcomes doctoral applicants wanting to pursue higher levels of achievement in learning and research. You may be accepted by meeting one of the criteria below.

Executive Doctoral Admission Requirements

Degree Outcomes

In the online economic and administration Doctoral program from FBU, you will learn to survey leading-edge tools and models in the field of business analytics, which is used to create a competitive advantage. Study changing market structures and the new economics of business while also analyzing established strategies.

What You Will Learn

The Executive doctorate includes coursework focused on.

Scholarly research and writing to properly disseminate evidence-based information.

Application of innovative management theories to create a competitive advantage and provoke financial decision-making Methods of global sustainability leveraging intellectual capital.

Consumerism and marketing with a focus on ethics and research, branding, communications, services, issues, and models.

Methods of designing and structuring an organization for optimization, change and/or growth.

Career Outcomes

The Executive Doctorate offered online by the FordBridge Institute of Doctoral Studies, is an immersive educational experience combining strategic management theory with transformative business practice. Gain in-depth expertise in the competitive needs of a global economy, perfect for those seeking to drive organizational change or advance careers within higher education.

Learn to thrive in a dynamic global marketplace shaped by geo-political conflict, big data analytics, e-commerce, mobile technology and much more. Enhance your skills in financial management, planning, marketing, research, and business decision-making in direct response to these and other constantly evolving factors. Broaden your perspective and sharpen your practice through our unique Integrated Case Study, your chance to create and grow a complex business enterprise and re-evaluate its components as part of your DBA management courses.

The dissertation process is also integrated throughout your Doctor of Business Administration online program, a unique feature of doctoral studies at FordBridge. Frequent feedback and mentoring from faculty are provided beginning with your very first course, helping you continuously polish your final dissertation to perfection.

Online discussions and onsite residencies provide opportunities for beneficial networking, exchange, and mentorship as you enhance your research and writing. This includes two four-day residencies, conducted on-site with faculty and fellow learners.

As part of the Doctorate program, you focus your attention on the issues that administrators face in today's corporate world. Prepare for an executive-level career in domestic or international business corporations and consulting firms or faculty positions within postsecondary education.

Course List

The programs offered at FordBridge may vary by content and course length. For information about specific course content and credit length please contact a counselor.


60 credits.

Total Degree Requirements.

60 credits.