A sponsor may be:

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Business Analytics is oriented toward students who have a business mindset and propensity for data and analytics.

Acquire data skills that relate to working with datasets to find meaning, along with analytics skills that comprise of defining and implementing models to gain insight into predicting what might happen or recommending a course of action(s).

If your tuition fees are being paid on your behalf by a sponsor, you need to provide the Fees and Student Support Team with evidence of the award on official headed paper including:

Details of to whom and where any invoice should be sent.

Confirmation of amount or whether the sponsor has agreed to pay all or part of the fees and any additional program costs.

Please be aware that if we do not receive your sponsor information, you will be invoiced for all tuition fees due.

Please provide documentary evidence to:

Fees and Student Support Team.

Private-sector employers.

Public sector organizations.

Government agencies.

Charitable trusts.

International government and agencies.


Not-for-profit organizations.

Overseas institutions.

Who has agreed to pay all or part of your tuition fees and any additional program costs on your behalf?

A sponsor is not a family member or friend who has agreed to pay your tuition fees.