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FordBridge Diploma

Studying a master’s program can have a hugely positive impact on your career. It may help you stand out from the crowd and may lead to enhanced career earnings compared to those without.

Studying a master’s program:

Our award-winning Careers Service provides advice and support, whatever your plans.

As an online learner, you will have access to it.

The careers website providing advice and information.

Tailored email support to questions.

Skype or telephone appointments with our Careers Consultants.

Industry and occupation profiles.

CVs, applications, and interview support.

Career planning.

Prepare for psychometric tests, interviews, and assessments.

Think about career planning and career transitions.

Develop employability skills.

Careers guidance.

CV & application advice.

LinkedIn profiles.

Practice interviews.

This support is available to all current students and for two years after graduation.

Job Assistant Professor

Graduates from our online programs have enhanced their careers with existing or new employers, in a wide range of jobs throughout the world.

The Careers Service provides data on where graduates from the University go on to next.

Studying a master's program can be a good way to help change careers. Some of our master's programs do not require you to have studied particular subjects at the undergraduate level and may offer places to those with work experience instead.

A master's program is also a great stepping stone into a Ph.D. program as the research skills you gain to provide a strong base to study at that level.

The knowledge and skills you will learn during your master's degree will enhance your CV and make you stand out from the crowd in the competitive jobs market.

Qualifying will show potential employers that you have drive and motivation.

You will further develop your transferable skills across a wide range of areas such as.

Time management.


Project management.

Critical analysis.

In this four-minute video, Clinical Education graduates share their online learning experience, including how their degree impacted their career.
Digital Education.

The MSc in Digital Education was enormously beneficial to me in my role as an Education Developer at the University of Southampton. I don't think I would have extended my reach into various communities outside of the University had it not been for the MSc.

The Careers Service is available to our online learners through email support or Skype or telephone appointments from our Careers Consultants.