Increase Your Opportunity with the Master of Business Administration

Prepare for advances in your career with FordBridge’s Master of Business Administration program, offered by the FordBridge. With a curriculum embedded in leadership development, organizational growth and operations management, this in-demand online MBA program is perfect for future executives and business leaders. Foster your entrepreneurial spirit and become a critical thinker and decision maker grounded in the business worldview.

This Master of Business Administration program encompasses a variety of courses relevant to modern day business operations. Examine accounting and finance topics, from basic principles to innovative concepts, including forecasting and fundraising in capital markets. In small, academically stimulating learning environments, discuss formulation and execution strategies within organizations and sustainability in the global marketplace. Research departmental functions from a managerial stance, and discuss behaviors and techniques that impact operations and embrace diversity.

Executive MBA program

The MBA is a highly sought-after degree program. It provides you the skills necessary to develop and gain self-confidence to act as an executive, entrepreneur, director, manager and business leader. Typical careers with a Master in business administration include chief executive officer, vice president of operations, director or leader in all types of business and service organizations.

Learn Business Leadership

In the Master of Business Administration online degree program, you gain a heightened understanding of business, administration and effective leadership. Review the components that drive business success and master the process to create a productive organizational culture. Coursework and critical thinking help you develop the knowledge for transformational leadership in business practice.

The online MBA accelerates your learning through multiple course topics and objectives:

Managerial concepts and strategies relating to the management of operations in both manufacturing and service environments.

Management of the marketing function and market environmental analysis.

Marketing planning, strategy and control.

Microeconomic and macroeconomic concepts relevant to contemporary business.

Quantitative tools and techniques used to model business functions and applications.

Key concepts of leadership.

Overview of how the science of organizational behavior contributes to effective leaders and managers.

Career Outcomes

The programs offered at FordBridge may vary by content and course length. For information about specific course content, credit length, please contact a counselor.

UNV-504: Introduction to Graduate Studies in the College of Business Total Credits: 2 credits.

MGT-605: Leadership and Organizations Total Credits: 4 credits.

ACC-502: Accounting Practices Total Credits: 4 credits.

FIN-504: Finance Principles Total Credits: 4 credits.

SYM-506: Applied Business Probability and Statistics Total Credits: 4 credits.

ECN-601: Economics Total Credits: 4 credits.

BUS-660: Quantitative Methods Total Credits: 4 credits.

MKT-607: Marketing Management Total Credits: 4 credits.

ACC-650: Managerial Accounting Total Credits: 4 credits.

MGT-655: Operations Management Total Credits: 4 credits.

FIN-650: Managerial Finance Total Credits: 4 credits.

MGT-660: Strategic Management Total Credits: 4 credits.