Public Accounting

Develop the Foundation to Pursue a Master of Science in Public Accounting Degree

FordBridge's Master of Science in Public Accounting program is designed for students with an approved bachelor’s degree in a business field other than accounting who aspire to an advanced career in corporate or public accounting.

This bridge to a graduate degree in Public Accounting provides you with the skills and knowledge required before exploring coursework in Public Accounting, Managerial Finance, taxation, auditing, and management. This accelerated path to learning offers a robust foundation fostering ethical practices.

Executive Master of Public Accounting

The programs offered at FordBridge may vary by content and course length. For information about specific course content, credit length, please contact a counselor.

What You Will Learn?

The total requirements for this bridge program are 24 credits. The curriculum introduces you to the accounting cycle and construction of financial statements. Examine fundamental principles and practices of financial accounting as outlined by Generally Accepted Public Accounting Principles. The curriculum continues into an in-depth study of:

Managerial accounting.

Public accounting (accounting objectives, principles, theory and practice as related to the balance sheet and income statement).

Taxation and auditing.

FBU's Master of Science in Public Accounting is a comprehensive graduate MSA degree program. You will examine a broad range of accounting topics and principles, including financial research and compliance, accounting information systems, advanced managerial and cost accounting, and business law and ethics for accounting. In our unique MS in Public Accounting degree program, two capstone courses are devoted to exam preparation. We strongly encourage you to sit for the test soon after graduation to maximize your potential for success.

Upon completion of this accounting program, you will have the preparation to move forward to develop the career readiness for advanced management positions in corporate or public accounting. Potential career opportunities as a graduate of the Master of Science in Public Accounting degree program include chief financial officer, VP of accounting, staff accountant, senior accountant, accounting manager, Public Accountant or business executive.

Career Outcomes

ACC-250: Financial Accounting Total Credits: 4 credits.

ACC-350: Managerial Accounting Total Credits: 4 credits.

ACC-370: Intermediate Accounting I Total Credits: 4 credits.

ACC-371: Intermediate Accounting II Total Credits: 4 credits.

ACC-460: Taxation Total Credits: 4 credits.

ACC-491: Auditing Total Credits: 4 credits.