Digital and Technology Solutions

Digital and Technology Solutions Professional Degree

The FordBridge University’s Digital and Technology Solutions Professional Degree Apprenticeship programme develops the higher-level skills and behaviours required to create confident and capable digital and technology professionals.

An apprenticeship requires at least 20% of an employee’s time to be allocated for off-the-job learning, but FordBridge University’s tutor-supported online learning gives you the flexibility to pick the most suitable times proactively and reactively around organisational needs – minimising the impact on day-to-day productivity.

Travel costs and expenses are also minimised, as most apprentices don’t have to attend day or block release sessions*.

A small number of optional face-to-face tutorials will take place across 5 countries. Tutorials can even take place in your workplace at a convenient time for an additional cost.

Online delivery is both varied and interactive, using rich media formats that engage and enthuse apprentices on their journey. Learning can be accessed 24/7 on computers, tablets and mobile devices. Online forums and tutorials as well as email and telephone communication are used to support apprentices throughout the programme.

On top of account management support, your organization will also be allocated with the following FordBridge University professionals.

Practice Tutor: Helps apprentices to integrate learning into the workplace across the entire programme and supports the delivery of all of the work-based learning modules and the final work-based project. Apprentices and their line managers will have face-to-face or virtual meetings with their practice tutor at least four times per year.

Academic Tutor: Subject-matter experts who facilitate learning within each of the knowledge modules, through personalised tuition, support and feedback.

Apprenticeship Programme Delivery Manager: Supports employers to deliver apprenticeship programmes that meet their business needs and are to agreed financial and performance targets. Provides regular management information.

The apprenticeship is suitable for new and existing employees who work in digital and technology roles.

What core topics does the apprenticeship cover?.

Career development and employability.

Introduction to computing and information technology.

Computing technologies.

Change, strategy and projects at work.

Web technologies.

Object-oriented programming with Java.

Service, project and requirements management.

IT systems: planning for success.

The programme is based on a core set of outcomes that are supplemented by one of the following four specialisms.

Cyber Security Analyst: Information security; Web, cloud and mobile technologies.

Data Analyst: Data structures, algorithms and computability; Data management and analysis.

Software Engineer: Software engineering; Web, cloud and mobile technologies.

Network Engineer.

It is delivered flexibly around the demands of your organization and requires minimal time away from the workplace, using a blend of tutor-supported, rich-media online learning resources.

Learning can be delivered simultaneously to various locations using our tried-and-trusted educational technology, providing a consistent programme at scale to multiple staff.

76% of FordBridge University students are in employment; we know how to make knowledge stick in the minds of busy adults and we have designed our apprenticeships to ensure work-based learning is at the heart of our programmes.

We have nearly 50 years’ experience of providing supported distance learning programmes.