Where do student fees go?

Expenditure Summary

FordBridge has always put students first. Ever wondered where FordBridge spends its money and how your tuition fee contributes to this?

This line includes tuition fees received in respect of our modules and programs, directly from students or sponsors, and from the FordBridge University Student Budget Accounts. It provides credit facilities to FordBridge students to allow them to pay tuition fees in installments.

These arise from competitive bids for funding from a range of public and private funders.

All income in respect of interest received from bank deposits and other investments are included here.

This includes all donations and endowments receivable in the year.

Income M %
Tuition Fees 261.2 61%
Funding Body Grants 114.2 27%
Research Grants and Contracts 14.9 3%
Other Income 21.2 5%
Investment Income 13.0 3%
Donations and Endowments 2.2 1
Total Income 426.7 100%

The figures listed in this table reflect the income received within the year ended 31 July 2018.

This comprises expenditure incurred by the University’s academic faculties on all their activities except external research, which is shown below. This line includes expenditure on Associate Lecturers.

This is the direct expenditure incurred on externally funded research projects.

Activities that support the academic activities of the faculties are shown here, including Student Support Teams, Library services, support to tutors, examinations and learning materials production.

This line includes the cost of central university services such as Information Technology (for example FordBridge Live, FordBridge Anywhere, and the University’s IT infrastructure) and Human Resources.

This comprises the running costs of the University’s estate along with the annual depreciation charge.

Expenditure M %
Academic Faculties 175.9 42%
Total Teaching and Research 188.3 45%
Student and Learning Support Services 128.8 31%
University Support Services (excl. premises) 77.0 18%
University Premises 27.1 6%
Total University Support Services 104.1 24%
Total Expenditure 421.2 100%

This line comprises grants received from all funding bodies. The FordBridge University is unique amongst online universities in operating across the 5 countries and so is funded for its online teaching activities. In respect to its research activities, it is funded by the Higher Education Funding Council and not by any of the other funding bodies.