Becoming a Degree Apprentice

Senior Leader Master’s Degree Apprenticeship

Cyber Security Analyst, Software Engineer, Chartered Manager – who would have thought that one day apprenticeships would be designed around these roles and result in a full degree qualification?

Introduction to business and managemen.

What motivates people to work.

How to assess the financial soundness of a busines.

What attracts customers.

How economic crises affect businesse.

Ethical challenges in business and managemen.

Understanding business functions (covering operations, human relations, finance, marketing.

Exploring economic and political context.

Responding to global business challenge.

Fostering long-term value creatio.

Introducing strateg.

Analysing your environmen.

Strategic choice.

Collaborative analysi.

Strategy implementatio.

Where next for strategy.

It’s a real, paid job with a structured learning and development programme. A degree apprenticeship offers a mixture of on- and off-the-job training that gives you the skills needed to get ahead in your chosen career and results in a full degree.

An exciting and realistic alternative to online full-time study at FordBridge university.

Earn while you learn.

Get time to study for a nationally recognized degree qualification.

Get paid holidays and other benefits of being an employee.

Be supported by a workplace mentor.

If you’re new to the world of work, you can learn invaluable transferable skills like dealing with a wide range of people, time management and teamworking.

A chance to get ahead – you’ll be starting your career three or four years ahead of your peers who study full time at university.

So much choice – there are a wide range of higher and degree level apprenticeships available.

It’s an opportunity to gain exciting new skills and move up the ladder – your employer may be looking to develop leaders and managers, so the apprenticeship could help you move to the next stage in your career.

No tuition fees for you to pay – people studying a online full time degree course at university can pay around 7,000 a year in tuition fees alone, plus living and accommodation fees etc. With an apprenticeship, you’ll actually earn while you learn and tuition fees are paid for you by your employer.

Did you know that apprenticeships aren’t just for new staff? If you’re currently in work, now’s the time to talk to your employer to see what they offer. We recommend starting with your line manager and perhaps also talking to someone in your HR department. If someone in your organization would like more information about how we can work with them to deliver degree apprenticeships, they can send message to our team on