Health Care Administration

Executive Doctorate and Philosophiæ doctor in Health Care Administration

Prepare for a future in healthcare administration with the Executive Doctor in Health Care Administration. Offered online and in evening cohorts by the FordBridge Institute of Doctoral Studies.

RES-811: Introduction to Advanced Graduate Studies and Scholarship Total Credits: 3 credits.

DBA-802: Progressions in Leadership Thought Total Credits: 3 credits.

DBA-800: Ethical Dilemmas and Stewardship Total Credits: 3 credits.

RES-850: Foundations for Research Total Credits: 3 credits.

DBA-807: Foundations of business administration Total Credits: 3 credits.

RSD-851: Residency: Dissertation Total Credits: 3 credits.

DBA-812: Special Busines Law Total Credits: 3 credits.

RES-861: Analysis of Existing Research Total Credits: 3 credits.

DBA-817: Supervision and Business Administration Total Credits: 3 credits.

DBA-822: Fiscal Management Total Credits: 3 credits.

RES-866: Approaches to Research Design and Data Analysis Total Credits: 3 credits.

RSD-881: Residency: Presentation of Progress or Results Total Credits: 3 credits.

DBA-825: Strategic Planning and Change Total Credits: 3 credits.

DBA-804: Leading Across Cultures Total Credits: 3 credits.

RES-880: Formalizing the Research Prospectus Total Credits: 3 credits.

SPE-827: Perspectives in Special Education Total Credits: 3 credits.

RES-885: Developing the Research Proposal Total Credits: 3 credits.

DIS-955: Dissertation I Total Credits: 3 credits.

DIS-960: Dissertation II Total Credits: 3 credits.

DIS-965: Dissertation III Total Credits: 3 credits.

Degree Outcomes

This Executive Doctorate in Health Care Administration covers modern topics and issues facing the healthcare industry, including the various governance structures and their connections to leadership. Develop an increased understanding of public, private, nonprofit and for-profit governance structures. Also, review the many levels of regulations healthcare administrators must address. Discuss the effects of mandatory and voluntary measures, from state, medical and professional boards to the federal government.

Become a Healthcare Leader.

Throughout this doctor of healthcare administration degree, you cover the following competencies.

Ethical practices in research, leadership, and decision-making in behavioral health settings, with the incorporation of social responsibility and stewardship.

Methods of research design and analysis to aid with strategic planning and development of best practices.

Pursue a Career in Medical Administration and Leadership.

This Doctorate in Health Care Administration is for those looking to advance their leadership skills in healthcare administration. Graduates of the doctor of health administration online program typically work in roles where they direct medical or health services in hospitals, clinics, managed care organizations, public health agencies or similar organizations.

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